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  1. Hi, I ilke your blog. Full of info, helpful tips. I hope you don’t mind if I ask for your help. You see, I downloaded ZenZero theme for Ghost. I hit a wall in terms of how to enable my social media buttons. I was given this instruction by ZenZero. ” You have to change the href attribute of the social network link, replacing the # with the url of your profile, by editing the file partials/social.hbs. To add a new social network, simply add a new link inside the file partials/social.hbs. ”

    But I could not understand what they mean? Where do I locate “file partials/social.hbs.” What is it? Googled it but could not find it anywhere. I’m a Ghost newbie. The site is easy to use, but I just notice when people respond, it seems they assume I’m a developer.

    Also, my subscribe button does not work. It just generates code.



  2. Hello
    I’m just beginning with Ghost, launched from softaculous from my webhost; installation is good, I can post, but it seems impossible to change theme, even after posting themes packages via ftp in ghost/content/themes directory. I stick to Casper theme, without other possibilities. Do you meet a similar problem and a solution to solve it?
    I may find a reason for the misbehaviour: I install Ghost in a other name folder, means that theme folder is in a anothername/content/themes directory; can it be the source of my problem?
    Thanks in advance for any kind of answer.


    • Yes that would definitely be the problem. FTP takes your instructions literally. If you ftp’ed with ghost/content/themes but the actual file location is anothername/content/themes, then the themes won’t show up.

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