What to Expect for Ghost Version 0.4 – Non-techie Edition

December 20, 2013 — 2 Comments

ghost 0.4 betaGhost version 0.4 is arguably going to be one of the largest Ghost updates ever – this is when Ghost really is going to go mainstream. Ghost 0.3 (the current version) is already awesome (especially in it’s beautiful minimalism), but it’s still lacking in some features. Ghost 0.4 will make up in this areas.

Many things will be added. Most of the features like creating pages (as opposed to just blog posts) will be great for the everyday blogger. Other features are more geared towards developers and programmers who like to play around with the Ghost software.

In this post, I’m going to focus on what to expect in Ghost 0.4 if you’re just an everyday blogger. If you’re a programmer, you probably wouldn’t be reading this site anyways (that’s why this blog is called “Ghost For Beginners“).

If you’ve read the plan for future developments on Ghost, you’d know that Ghost 0.4 is supposed to come out in December. But with just 2 weeks left until the new year and with the holiday season just around the corner, I wasn’t sure if Ghost 0.4 could make this deadline.

I contacted the Ghost team:

Hey John,

Ghost 0.4 is supposed to come out in December. But with 2 weeks left (and Christmas just around the corner) is Ghost gonna be released on January?

So far, I have yet to receive a reply.

Publishing Posts

 Time: When was your post published

Currently, posts on your Ghost blog only display the date when your post was published. Ghost 0.4 will also the display the time when your post was published.

Prevent you from accidently exiting your blog post

This is a feature that is available on WordPress and is coming to Ghost. What happens if you accidently click the “close window” button without saving your Ghost blog post? Well in Ghost 0.3, your work would be lost. But Ghost 0.4 will make you confirm that you’d like to exit your Ghost site without saving your work.

Featured Posts

A featured post is a blog post that’s stuck to the top of your blog. This is currently not available with Ghost 0.3, but Ghost 0.4 will allow it. Click here to see how you can created Featured Posts with version 0.4

Pages (not blog posts)

With Ghost 0.3, all you can do is create blog posts. 0.4 will allow you to create static, nonchanging pages for your Ghost site.


Currently, the URL to any Ghost blog post is yourdomainhere.com/posttitle. Other blogging platforms like WordPress support different URL formats like yoursite.com/date/posttitle.

With Ghost 0.4, a new format for your URL will be introduced. You can choose between the yoursite.com/posttitle and yoursite.com/year/month/day/posttitle/.

Logging in to your Ghost blog

Currently, blogging software like WordPress have plugins you can install to limit the number of login attempts. This prevents hackers from trying a billion different logins to hack into your WordPress account.

Ghost 0.3 does not support this feature, but Ghost 0.4 will. Ghost 0.4 will allow 5 failed login attempts until your Ghost site will blog the user from logging in. Once you’re account is blocked, you’ll need to use the “foregotten password pathway” in order to unlock your account.

This is just a security measure to keep hackers & other a-holes out of your Ghost site.

2 responses to What to Expect for Ghost Version 0.4 – Non-techie Edition

  1. Did you seriously use WordPress for this site?

    • Yep – it seems kind of hypocritical (this being a site about Ghost but run on WordPress). Ghost is more for bloggers. But with WordPress, I can create a full-on site that incorporates tutorials, plugins, etc. Ghost For Beginners isn’t a blog.

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