30 Straight Days of New Content

Just over a week ago, we finished our 30 day challenge of having new content every day for the month of November. This challenge was brought on after many weeks of very little content being written across our network and new motivation after seeing a friend complete their writing challenge.

This challenge was going to be a stretch with there being a large national holiday (Thanksgiving) and other trips planned, but we decided to do it anyway, and scheduled the content we were going to write.

The biggest lesson I learned was the power of scheduling what work needs to be done. As I shared with our email list, with Andy out after just having a baby, there was no longer any structure or plans of action since I figured, no problem I would just figure out what to do as I go along. This lead to me spending way to much time trying to decide what to write on, rather than actually writing.

A few posts into our challenge, I realized how much easier and faster I could get posts out by being able to sit down, see the topic and start. This has definitely changed how I will work going forward.

All in all, I am very stoked on the amount of content that we were able to push out and it was very satisfying being able to check off a ton of topics we had sitting there for months. Here is a list of everything that we created for the month of November:

How to Ghost

Ghost for Beginners

All About Ghost


All Ghost Themes