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Ghost for Beginners was started by Andy Boutté and David Balderston. Andy and David became great friends in High School and started a few websites together during that time. None of those websites panned out, but it was great experience. Because of their past, when Ghost was on Kickstarter, David mentioned it to Andy, and kind of left it at that. Andy actually took the leap and donated to the cause while also offering his service as a quality assurance tester (which was his job at the time) to help with the creation of the product.

Ghost happily obliged and gave Andy access to the product before it was released to the general public. As he was testing, he was having to do a lot of debugging with the setup and installing since there was no documentation on the product at the time. At this point, Andy had the great idea of creating a site that details how to install Ghost on various platforms. He let David know, and they were off and running.

For the next month, Andy and David created how-to articles for around 15 different hosting companies. When Ghost was released to the public, it was about 5am in California, where Andy and David live. At that moment, after having woken up every 30 minutes throughout the night to check to see if Ghost had been released yet, How to Install Ghost was published.

Since that time, they created 3 other sites (,, and each of which cover a different aspect of the Ghost and have become extremely involved in the community. This even lead David to become one of the core members of Ghost. All of these sites eventually got merged into one mega site, Ghost for Beginners.

They were also contacted by Packt Publishing to create the first book on the Ghost Blogging Platform. They wrote the book, along with Kezz Bracey and it was published in late 2014.

What keeps them going is not only the extreme amount of personal knowledge that has been gained by spending much of their free time working with Ghost and begin around an extremely smart and talented community, but also their absolute love for the Ghost product. They have seen the change that Ghost has already had on the blogging landscape, and know that it is only going to get so much better.