Add Contact Form to Ghost Using Formspree

Formspree is a great option for adding a contact form to your Ghost blog. Formspree takes a very different approach to forms which I think is pretty cool. Here are the steps to get started with for Formspree:

  1. On the Ghost post or page that you want your contact form add the following HTML:
  2. ```
  3. Update the email address on the first line to your desired email address (ex. //
  4. Also update the subject in the last input to a different value that you want the subject to be
  5. Publish your page and navigate to the post you just created. Fill out the form and click Send.
  6. Check your email and click the link in the email to confirm your ownership of the email account.
  7. Your new contact form is complete!

To get details about what some of the input tags do and for other options, you can check out the Formspree documentation

Here is a sample of our contact form using Formspree: