Add Google Webmaster Tools to Ghost

  1. Sign into

  2. Click on "Add a Site" in the top right corner and insert the URL of your blog.

  3. There are a few different options, but the easiest way is to verify with your Google Analytics account. If you already have Analytics inserted in your theme, then you should be able to just hit "Verify" and be done. If you do not have Analytics already and would like it, check out this post or you can use the html tag option.

  4. If you used the html tag option, you will see that it gave you a code that we need to insert into the site.
    Ghost Google Webmaster

  5. Now, we need to insert this html into our default.hbs file located in our themes folder. Open up default.hbs in any text editor. We will be using Casper's setup.

  6. Just before </head>, we want to insert that html that Google gave us
    Ghost Google Webmaster

  7. Restart Ghost

  8. Click on "Verify" in Google Webmaster

Thats it! You have added Google Webmaster to your blog.

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