Adding a Contact Form to Ghost With Wufoo

Wufoo allows you to build custom forms that can be built and embeded in your Ghost blog within minutes. This article will get you signed up, creating your first form, and embedding it in a Ghost page.

  1. Head over to and click "Signup Free" for a free Wufoo account
  2. ![alt](/content/images/2015/11/Wufoo---Sign-up-for-free-account.jpg)
  3. On the following page fill out your email address, username, and password
  4. Click on "New Form" in the upper right
  5. ![alt](/content/images/2015/11/Wufoo---Create-new-form.jpg)
  6. Now you can create your form to fit your needs. Along the left hand side you have a selection of different form fields. Drag and drop your desired fields to the form on the right
  7. Once you have finalized your form click "Save Form"
  8. ![alt](/content/images/2015/11/Wufoo---Create-and-save-form.jpg)
  9. Click on "Setup email notifications for this form" if you desire notifications, otherwise click on "Take me to the Form Manager"
  10. Once on the Form Manager click on "Share" under your newly created form, and then Embed on the following page
  11. ![alt](/content/images/2015/11/Wufoo---Embed-form.jpg)
  12. You can place the provided embed code anywhere in your Ghost posts, for example:
  13. alt

Fill out my online form.

This embed code can be used in a Ghost post, page, or embedded directly in your theme. If you are looking for a simple "Contact Us" form we would recommend creating a Ghost page titled "Contact Us" and embedded your Wufoo code in that page.