Best Free Ghost Themes

We have created a list of the best free Ghost themes out there right now. We will do our best to keep this list updated as new themes come out.

If you would like a list of every free and paid Ghost theme, check out our Ghost themes site.


Free Ghost Themes - Ghostscroll
Ghostscroll is a theme that has been around since the very beginning of Ghost and is still one of the best. Ghostscroll has a large cover image and provides great navigation through your single page Ghost blog. Ghostscroll provides a great user experience and will give your site a new age feel.


Free Ghost Themes - Readium
Readium is a great free theme that has a parallax cover image. Readium keeps the Ghost blog very clean, but also provides many features like a built in menu and social media sharing.


Free Ghost Themes - Ghostentista
Ghostentista provides a kind of newspaper feel to your Ghost blog. It has a large cover image and then allows you to use featured posts to create what looks like headlines. It has some nice effects to give your blog a little pop as visitors scroll through it, but is not overpowering.

Ghost Stories

Free Ghost Themes - Ghost Stories
Ghost Stories is a different kind of theme. Ghost Stories displays your posts in a book format. Each post is its own page with the post image on the left and the content of the post on the right. Awesome theme for an adventure style blog that people can flip through.


Free Ghost Themes - Perfetta
Perfetta is more of an artsy style theme with the fonts it uses. Perfetta is a single column theme that has the post date and details on the left and the actual post on the right. The ability to have a background image as well as the post images can create a cool effect as is shown in the demo. Definitely worth checking out.

Again, we will try and keep this as up to date as we can. For a list of Ghost themes beyond what this post covers, check out All Ghost Themes. Let us know if there are any free themes you like in the comments below!