Change Ghost Pagination

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Most Ghost themes use Pagination to break up how many posts are displayed on the home page. Each theme decides how many posts are shown in the theme settings file.

  1. Navigate to the folder of the theme you wish to change on your computer, or if working on your Ghost server:

     cd /var/www/ghost/content/themes/[your theme]
  2. Open up the package.json file in a text editor or the command line:

     vi package.json
  3. There will be a section called "config". In this section there should be a "posts_per_page" attribute. If there is, just change that number and save. If there isn't, then add that in.


     "config": {
         "posts_per_page": 25
  4. Once you have saved this change, upload the theme in the admin section of your blog to overwrite what was there and are good to go!

Check out our next section on how themes are structured!

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