Changing Owner User

Each Ghost blog has only one Owner user. This user is set initially when the blog is created, but is something that can be changed. Here is how you can change the Owner user:

  1. You have to be logged in as the Owner user in order to change who the Owner is. So, log into the Ghost admin as the Owner.

  2. In order to make a user the Owner, they have to first already be an administrator. So, click on the user you want to make the owner to go to their page.

  3. Now, scroll down to roles and make them an administrator and save. Now, click on the cog in the top right corner.

  4. You will see on the drop down, it says "Make Owner". Click on that.

  5. Now the ownership has been transferred! If you go back to the users page you can see that it has been changed.

  6. And thats it! Now, if you wanted to change the ownership back, you would have to log out of the current user and log in as the new Owner, since only they can make the change.

And that is it for how to manage your users in Ghost! Check out our next section on how to migrate your current Wordpress blog over to Ghost!

Migrate from Wordpress to Ghost