Create and Write First Post

Once you have created your first user, you will be sitting at the main admin page.

Ghost Welcome Screen

You will see the example post that Ghost has supplied. Feel free to read through that if you would like, but we are going to move on to making your own post!

So, in order to create a new post, you can either click on the green "+" icon, or click on "New Post" in the top menu.

Ghost New Post

Once you have hit new post, you are taken to the post editor. In the title section, enter in a post title.

First Post Title

After entering your title, you will see two sections below. On the left side is where you will type all of your content, and on the right side is a live preview of what your post will look like. Go ahead and add a sentence or two of post content.

First Post Content

After you have added some content in, it is time to publish the post. Go ahead and click on the little arrow to the right of "Save Draft".

First Post Draft

This will pop open a menu. Click on "Publish Post".

First Post Publish

This will change the "Save Draft" button to "Publish Now". Go ahead and click on "Publish Now" to publish the post.

First Post Publish

Congratulations! Your first post is now published! You can now see this post on the home page.

First Post Home Page

Head to the next section to learn some of the post basics to help you write and style your post content.

Write/Style Post Content