Create Image Links in Ghost Blog Posts

If you have been writing with Ghost, you are most likely familiar with the markdown syntax for how to create a link ([]()) or upload an image (![]()).  The problem with the image markdown, is it does not link anywhere. It just puts the image on the page.

If you want to turn your image into a link, there are two different ways. The html way and the markdown way.

<a href=""><img src="" /></a>
[![image alt text](/content/images/woohoo.jpg)](/content/images/woohoo.jpg)

I think the markdown is much simpler. Basically what you are doing is wrapping the image markdown with a link markdown. The whole image markdown goes inside the alt text of the image. This is the bracketing with no content:


See how the image markdown is located inside the [ ] of the link. That way the img is the alt text, and then the link can come after that.

And thats it! Good luck turning images into links!