Customize Static Pages

Ghost has the ability to have custom static pages. If you are unaware, static pages are pages that are not blog posts and are usually static content, like a 'Contact Us' page.

Most themes come with a page.hbs file which is the main template for all static pages. If you want to create a template for a specific page though, here is how you do that:

  1. In your theme's root folder, create a page-{slug}.hbs file where {slug} is the URL root of your page. So if your page's URL is, your file should be called page-about-me.hbs.

  2. Copy over your data from page.hbs and make tweaks to make it look the way you want, or start from scratch.

Now, everything inside this file will be applied to that one page. There is currently no way to have a template for a tag or specific group of posts.