Custom Tag Pages

Similarly to the custom static pages, Ghost has the ability to have custom tag pages. If you are unaware, tag pages are kind of like category specific pages. You can tag a post, and all posts with that tag have their own page.

In order to create a custom tag page template for all tag pages, you create a tag.hbs file in the theme root. Now, Ghost will show whatever HTML markup you have on this template for all of the tag pages. Usually tag.hbs looks very similar to index.hbs, but can be styled however you would like.

If you have a specific tag page that you want to look differently from the rest of the tag pages, that is possible as well. In the theme root, create a tag-{tag name}.hbs file. {tag-name} is the name of your tag, so if your tag was cool images, your file should be called tag-cool-images.hbs. This allows you to create a template that is only used by one specific tag page. It is usually a good idea to copy over your tag.hbs or index.hbs content and then make the changes you need just to save some time

If a tag.hbs file does not exist in the theme, Ghost will use the HTML from index.hbs for the tag pages.