Ghost for Beginners eBook

This book is currently written for Ghost 2.0. Over the coming weeks it will be updated to 3.0. Basically everything is changing, so, it might take a while, but its being worked on currently.

What is this eBook About?

We have put together a comprehensive guide on how to get started with Ghost. This eBook will quickly take you through, step by step, everything you need to go to get your Ghost blog up and running (hosting, migrating, writing, analytics, and more) so you can focus on what is important, writing. It has all the information you need to go from knowing nothing about Ghost, to efficiently running your very own blog.

Is there a preview?

If you would like a preview of the eBook before you buy, sign up below to get the first two sections for free:

Who are we?

Our names are David Balderston and Andy Boutté and we run Ghost for Beginners network. We have been heavily involved with Ghost since before the code was officially released to the public. We wrote the first, and only published book on Ghost back in December 2014, and David is one of the Core members of the Ghost project. For a full history of how and why we started writing on Ghost, check out our about us page.

Buy the Ghost for Beginners eBook - $8

Thank you all for encouraging and supporting us since the very beginning! We are very excited for this eBook and know that it will serve the existing Ghost community well and help those who are new to Ghost.

If you have any questions, hit us up on twitter or email ( and we will gladly answer.

David Balderston and Andy Boutté