Embed an Instagram Feed to Ghost

If there is an Instagram user or hastag that you would like to embed on your Ghost blog, here is how you can do that:

  1. Head over to instansive.com and put in either the username or hastag that you would like to have on your site.
    We chose instansive because it links directly to the images, unlike snapwidget which links to their own version of the image
  2. Customize your widget to how you would like for it to show up. I am going to use the standard grid.
    instagram setup
  3. Click on "Preview" and then click on "Get Code".
  4. Copy this code and then head over to your theme files.
    instagram code
  5. Paste this code where you want the widget to show up. This could be a sidebar, or anywhere really. I am going to put it at the end of every post. So, here is what it looks like in my post.hbs:

instagram final