Future Ghost Updates

Ghost is still in its very early stages. If you are looking for some ways to keep up with the changes and progress that is being made, here are some great resources for that:

Developer Blog

Every week after the developer meeting, Hannah puts together a blog post summarizing what was discussed and decisions that are made. This is definitely the easiest way to keep up with the ongoing changes. Check out the blog here.

Developer Meeting

Every Tuesday at 17:30 London time, all the developers get together on the Ghost IRC channel (freenode.net, #ghost). Feel free to hop in and listen to what is being discussed.

Monthly Ghost Update

Every month, we publish an update on all that happened in the last month with Ghost. We publish this post at the end of every month on our other site All About Ghost.

Check out our next section on how and where to get help if you need it!

Where to Get Help