Ghost 1.0 Preview

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Ghost has just released the first Beta version of Ghost 1.0. This has been a long time coming and let me tell you, it looks gorgeous! There is still bugs to be fixed and things to be tweaked, but here is a preview of some of the new features you can expect once 1.0 officially drops:

Welcome tour:

Ghost has a new "welcome tour" to show users how some new features work if they are new to it. It doesn't take you through the whole admin at once, but rather when it shows up on the screen, it will show you a little bubble to click on. It can also be skipped if you have seen it before.

welcome tour gif

Post Filtering:

There is a whole new filtering system for when you are inside the admin. You can sort by what kind of post it is (draft, published, scheduled, etc), who the post was written by, and even what tags the posts have. Definitely a nice addition to making finding posts much easier.

post filtering gif

Editor Toolbar:

Inside the editor, there is now a toolbar to help you with styling your post. If you are new to markdown, or its just faster/easier for you to click on a button, the toolbar makes this very simple.

toolbar gif

Multiple Image Upload:

Have you ever wanted to upload multiple images while creating a post? Ya, us too! Well, now you can.

multiple image gif

Drag and Drop Images:

Super excited about adding multiple images, but want it even easier? You can also now just drag and drop multiple images directly onto the post and they will be added.

drag and drop images gif

Night Shift Mode:

Ghost added in a night shift mode for if you are writing at night or just want less strain on your eyes. At its current stage there are a couple CSS issues, but that will be an easy fix and overall looks awesome.

night shift mode gif

Super Easy Installing/Updating:

Ghost created a new CLI tool which makes installing, updating, and running Ghost insanely easy. No more need for updating scripts or other programs to keep Ghost running in the background for you. Installing the beta locally right now is as easy as npm install -g ghost-cli and then ghost install local. This will install Ghost in the current folder and start it for you. Want to stop Ghost? ghost stop. Update? ghost update. Could not be easier now.

install ghost gif

Its Pretty:

Just look at how pretty this looks 😍

pretty picture


As I said, this has been a long time coming, and there is plenty more to come after 1.0, but this looks and feels amazing. 1.0 has a really good writing experience and many features people have been waiting for. Lots of pain points have been removed and it is easier than ever to host your own or install it locally to test out your theme or whatever else.

There will be lots of testing and a couple more betas before it is officially released, but definitely an exciting moment in Ghost land.