Ghost Custom Domain Name

When setting up a Ghost blog, most likely you will want a personalized domain name. We are going to show you how to do this on DigitalOcean, but it is a very similar process on almost all other platforms. We bought all our domains from Namecheap and have been very happy with their service.

All these steps are going to be specific to Namecheap, but every domain registrar should have very similar steps.

  1. If you do not already have a domain, signup for a domain name over at Namecheap (or any other provider you wish).

  2. Now you need to configure your domain to point to DigitalOcean. To do that click on the My Account tab and then Manage Domains. Next click on your domain name.
    Ghost Custom Domain

  3. On this page click on Transfer DNS to Webhost. Now you have the option to input custom DNS Servers. By inputting custom DNS servers, you configure where your domain name points to. So, for our example, you can input the nameservers for DigitalOcean.
    Ghost Custom Domain

  4. In custom DNS servers 1 - 3 fill in the following
  5. Now click Save Changes.

  6. Next log into your DigitalOcean account. Once logged in click on the DNS link.
    Ghost Custom Domain

  7. Click on Add Domain.
    Ghost Custom Domain

  8. Now select your Ghost droplet name and fill in your domain name.

    Ghost Custom Domain

Thats it! Again, it may be different for your specific domain name registrar, but it should be a similar process. If you run into trouble, most of the big companies have 24/7 online chat support who can do it for you. Good luck!

If you need any further help with Ghost(Pro), check out their page here.

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