Ghost FAQ

####Where can I download the default Ghost theme? Casper, the default Ghost theme, can be downloaded from GitHub [here](

When are new features coming out?

For a quick overview of what features are being worked on, check out the Ghost roadmap. You can also read up on the latest works in progress from the weekly meetings on the Ghost developer blog.

How do I request a new feature?

New features for Ghost are created and voted on by the community over at Check there to see if someone already put your idea up and vote on it, or add it to the list.

How do I change a feature on my theme?

The quickest and probably easiest way to make a quick change in your theme is to add some css inside code injection. You can use either Chrome's dev tools (or whatever other browser you use) or view the code of the theme you are using to figure out the class or id of the element you wish to change. Then add the css to your code injection. There are a number of examples on Ghost for Beginners that can also help.

Can you have my links open in a new tab?

Using the typical markdown syntax for links ([]()), you cannot customize it to open links in a new tab. However, you can use HTML inside the editor to accomplish this (<a href="" target="_blank"></a>).

Can I upload a video or sound clip to my blog?

No. Videos and sound clips must be hosted elsewhere, but can then be embedded in a post just fine.

Can I have a static front page with the blog behind it?

Currently it is not possible to have a static front page with the blog living at /blog or whatever url you want behind it. This will be possible when the 0.7.1 release comes out with the {{get}} helper.

Can I have a static page with all your posts on it?

No. Static pages right now do not have access to any post data. When Ghost 0.7.1 comes out, the {{get}} helper will make this possible.

Can I preview my post before I publish?

Yes. In the post settings menu, there is a 'preview' link that will show you what your post will look like when it is live. You can also share this link with people if you want someone to preview a post before its published.

I made changes to my theme, but they don't seem to have taken effect.

Most of the time when this happens, it is because Ghost has not been restarted. Ghost has to be restarted for theme changes to take place. If you are on DigitalOcean, the command is service ghost restart.

Does Ghost have built in comments?

Ghost does not currently have the ability to host comments. Most blogs go with Disqus as the commenting system. This has been debated as to whether this should be a part of Ghost Core, and I think it will happen at some point in the future.

Does Ghost have a search functionality?

No. Ghost does not have search functionality built in. This is coming in the future. For now, there are some you can impliment, like GhostHunter, but they do have their limitations.

Can I make my blog private?

Yes. In the general settings menu, you can make your entire Ghost blog private. As of right now, it is either the whole blog, or none of the blog. You cannot make certain posts private and others public.

When are there going to be apps?

Apps are most likely going to be the staple of the Ghost 0.8 release. The goal is to have this out before 2016.