Ghost Multi-User Overview

In the Ghost 0.5 update, the ability to have multiple users log into a single Ghost blog was created. There are currently 4 roles a user could have. These roles are the Owner, Administrator, Editor, and Author. There can only be one Owner user, but you can have as many as you would like of the other roles. Here is the purpose of each of these roles:


When you create a new Ghost blog, the first step is to create the first user. This first user is automatically given the role of the Owner. The Owner is essentially the "Super User" of the blog and has full access to everything.

The Owner user can never be deleted and there can only be one of them. If you are running a company blog, it is a good idea to have the Owner be under a departmental email address, so it is not tied to one person and their login. The Owner has the ability to add any other users to the blog.


The Administrator has full access to all of the blog settings, just like the Owner does. The only real difference between an Administrator and the Owner is that an Administrator can be demoted to other roles or deleted.


The Editor has access to all of the blog content. The Editor can create, edit, delete, or change any post on the blog. The Editor also has the ability to invite other Authors to the blog, but not other Editors or Administrators.


The Author has access to only their own content. So, they can only see the posts written and edited by them. They cannot toggle any settings, invite any other users, or do anything else. All they have access to, is their content on the blog.

That is it for our quick overview on the Ghost roles. Head to our next section to see how to invite users to your blog!

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