Ghost Sitemap

As of 0.5.6, Ghost will automatically create a sitemap for you. A sitemap is a list of all your posts to make search engines aware of all your content. In the past, an external sitemap generator was needed to make a file that would then be uploaded to Google, Bing, etc. Now you can just tell the search engines to check the following URL for updates:

Make sure you tell the search engines to use your sitemap URL and it will be updated automatically as you add more content. Much easier than it used to be :)

Ghost's new sitemap generator includes 4 seperate sections for the sitemap:

  • pages
  • posts
  • authors
  • tags

You can see an example of what a sitemap.xml page looks like below:


Submitting your sitemap

We highly recommend submitting your sitemap to Google. This process is very easy and will only take a few minutes. Start by signing into your Google account. Then head over to the Google Webmaster Tools. Once you have added your site to Google Webmaster Tools, select your site from the list, click Crawl, and then Sitemaps. There will be a red Add Sitemap button that you can click to provide the link to your sitemap.

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