Ghost Slowly Chipping Away at Reasons to Not Switch to It

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When looking at the conversations around people who have just switched to Ghost, or are looking to switch, typically most people ask when specific new features will be added. It has always been this way, and probably will continue this way for the near future as Ghost is really still in its infancy. Sitting currently at Ghost 0.7.1, there are many plans for what is to come, but as with open source project, the contributors' time, and making sure you are getting things right early on can affect how long that takes.

I cannot tell you how many times I have seen people either tweet, or say in the Ghost Slack, they they are waiting for some feature, or have switched away from Ghost because it doesn't have the exact feature they are looking for. You almost never see someone say they left because they didn't like the platform or the experience. With every release, Ghost is slowing chipping away these reasons people have for not using it. About a year ago, I showed Ghost to a company to use as their blog. They tried it out, but ended up using Wordpress because Ghost didn't have multi-user support and that was a deal breaker. Had I showed them Ghost now, I have no doubt they would be using it.

When we first started, we ran all our sites on Wordpress. Ghost was sitting at 0.3 and just didn't have the customizability that we needed and there was the potential of database corruption on upgrades. A big feature for us was also the ability to provide structured data to social media and search engines. Once those features hit, we happily made the switch over and haven't looked back.

For us, it was the structured data. For others, it was multi-user support, spellcheck when writing, or anything else. Around Ghost 1.0, I expect that almost every reason to not switch will be taken care of because it will have all the featues it truly needs and will have met many of the requests by the community. Future releases beyond 1.0 will add on to what is/will be an amazing platform.

I believe there are a lot of people out there keeping an eye on Ghost waiting for it to hit a certain point where they can feel comfortable making the switch and have all the features they need. With each release, more and more people waiting around will move into the community and grow the platform. With a highly requested feature about to drop (Public API), I expect a lot of movement and growth. Things are only going to get more exciting and Ghost continues to push forward. Big plans are ahead :).