Ghost Themes Overview

The ability to quickly and easily create themes has been one of the major focal points for Ghost since it was first created. The Ghost team has continued working to make the process as painless as possible. Because of this, there were hundreds of themes made within the first few months of Ghost's public release.

We have seen lots of people decide to not theme or have a lot of trouble creating Ghost themes because they have never used Handlebars and it seems overwhelming. What you should understand from the very beginning is that Handlebars is just a feature of creating a theme. You create a theme using all the normal html/css/js that you already know and use with just some Handlebars interspersed in there. We will go over all of this in our Handlebars Overview, but there is no reason to shy away from theming because of Handlebars.

When starting a new theme, it is a good idea to start with the default Casper theme. While you can start from complete scratch yourself, it is a good idea to save yourself a few hours and start with something that will already have all the structure in place for you.

If you are worried at all about licensing issues with Casper, since it released under the MIT license, you are free to take it, edit it how you see fit, and then license it or sell it yourself without any problems.

In the next section we will go over how the Ghost themes are structured. We will talk about where files should go and what files serve which purpose.

Theme Structure