Hosting and Installing Ghost

There are many different places to host your Ghost blog. Because the Ghost software is free and open-source, anyone is free to take the code and use it however they wish. We are going to cover three places we personally recommend for hosting your Ghost blog.

The three hosting options we recommend are Ghost(Pro), DigitalOcean and Amazon EC2. Each one of these options offers you something unique.

Ghost(Pro) offers you a completely managed setup. The Ghost team will take care of all the server updates, security, and even update Ghost for you as new releases come out. This is great for someone who does not want to have to deal with any server problems and just wants to blog.

DigitalOcean (the provider we currently use) gives you a full VPS with Ghost installed. This allows you the ability to customize your setup however you want. If you want to run a second Ghost instance, or maybe an entirely separate site, there is no extra cost, you can just set it up. There is more overhead and the need to manage the server, but also, a lot more flexibility.

Amazon EC2 allows you the ability to try out Ghost for free for a year. If you are a new customer to Amazon's web services, then you get what they call a 'Micro' instance for free for 12 months. This lets you run your Ghost blog for free and gives you ample time to try out Ghost and see how you like it.

The installation on each of these platforms is automatic, and we will show you how to do it in the next section. For now, you need to choose which hosting company you would like to go with. If you are having trouble choosing and would like more information, we put together a post that goes into extreme detail on which of these three companies you should choose and why.

Click on the following link that corresponds to the hosting company you think you would like to go with and we will show you how to install Ghost.

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