How to Add/Change a Favicon on Your Ghost Blog

When adding a Favicon, it is a good idea to resize the image to 16x16 pixels and to rename the file to favicon.ico. This is not necessary, but is recommended.

Some of the steps could be different because the favicon location depends on how each theme is setup. We will be using the default theme Casper

  1. Create your favicon image

  2. Inside your theme, double check the favicon location in the default.hbs file. For Capser, the location is inside the assets folder.

    Ghost Favicon

  3. This location in Casper we actually have to make a slight modification to. The way it is setup currently, Ghost is going to always use the default logo. We actually have to add a / in front of favicon.ico. So, we are going to turn {{asset "favicon.ico"}} into {{asset "/favicon.ico"}}. You must do this for Casper to see the favicon.

  4. Now that you made that change, upload your favicon.ico to the assets folder inside your theme.

  5. Restart Ghost

Your favicon will now display. If you do not see your favicon, check your browser cache and double check the location your theme is expecting the favicon to be in.