How to Add Google Adsense to Ghost

Adding Google Adsense is very customizable and can be different for every person. We are going to show you how to add a banner ad to the top of every post. You may want to add ads elsewhere, but this tutorial will still give you the basic idea of how to add Adsense.

  1. Head to, sign up if you need to and create a banner ad.

  2. Once you have created the ad, it will give you the script that we are going to want to insert into our theme.

  3. To add the code to each post, we are going to need to edit the post.hbs. This is located at (we are using Casper theme):

  4. Since I want this ad to be below the title and image of each post, I am going to put it right after the header and in the post section of post.hbs:

    Adsense code

  5. Restart Ghost

Thats all you need to do! Now depending on where and how you want your ad to display, the placement could vary, but the principles should stay the same.

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