How to Change Post Excerpt Length

On the home page of most themes, there is the title and a short excerpt of the most recent posts. Usually the excerpt is the default of 50 words but this can be changed inside the theme, and here is how you do that:

If you are new to creating or editing a theme, check our our theme basics posts for information on how themes work with Ghost

We are going to be using the default Casper theme:

  1. Open up your loop.hbs file.

  2. Inside this file, you will see a line that starts with this - {{excerpt words="26"}}. This is saying to go grab the excerpt of the post. The default is the first 50 words of that post, but they have modified it to only show 26 words. To change this, we make it look like this - {{excerpt words="200"}}.

    The location of this will change depending on the theme. You may also see {{content}} which is very similar to {{excerpt}} except it shows all the html and images of the post instead of just the words

  3. If you would like to show the full post instead of just an excerpt, change {{excerpt}} to {{content}} and the full post including any images will be shown.