How to Ghost Rebranding

Today we have just finished the process of re-branding all of our sites to be under a new entity, How to Ghost.

Since the day we decided we wanted to create How to Install Ghost, we have been extremely focused on creating really good content. As we had more ideas for sites, we would quickly get another site up and start writing more articles. Everything else has gone something like, "Oh shoot, we are actually making some money, do we need to form some sort of company?", or "It's really annoying to go to 10 different sites to try and find Ghost themes for our 'Top 10' articles. We should just make a site that has them all in one place!".

While we kind of got away with this for a while, once we had 4 different sites up and running, it would comsume all of our time keeping old articles up to date, creating new articles, answering questions, etc and a lot of other stuff had to go on the backburner. It was always just a thought that one day we wanted a way to kind of pull all the sites together so each site isn't just living on its own.

We finally got to a point where we just needed to step back a little bit and think about our brand as a whole and how the sites fit into that. We wanted each site to still be able to stand on its own, but also tie in somehow to the other sites. Most of our stuff was branded under 'How to Install Ghost' which didn't make sense for any other site. We decided to go with 'How to Ghost' because it is vague enough to embody each site and potential future ones, but it also makes sense with the kind of content we write.

Since we are about as uncreative as it comes and trying to pick colors that go together feels like an impossible task, we started looking for help. We hired our buddy, and fellow Ghost enthusiast, Nick, who we met when he had us on the ghostalk podcast, to design us a new logo and give us a color palette we can work with.

As of today, we are launching this new site and brand, How to Ghost ("Wait, weren't you just saying it was hard having so many sites and now your starting another one??" I know right...we have a serious problem). All of our existing sites will become part of this "network" as each of them serve their own purpose and have their own audiences.

We think this will help to pull all of our content together and just make more sense to people who come to a site like Ghost for Beginners and wonder why the twitter handle is @howtoghost. Hopefully it will also give the sites a little more clought. For example, if someone comes to our themes site, maybe they will go to our beginner site to see how to upload it. Will that actually happen, I'm not sure. Pretty much everything we do is new territory for us and a learning process, but that is one aspect of this adventure that we find very exciting.

We really appreciate all of you for being with us on this journey. It has been kind of surreal to think about what we had when we first launched to what we have today.

Ghost is the freaking best.

David Balderston and Andy Boutté