How to Install Ghost on Mac OS X

Download and Install Node

Go to node.js and download the Mac OS X Installer (.pkg).

Install the node.js package that was downloaded.

Node was installed at /usr/local/bin/node and npm was installed at /usr/local/bin/npm.

Download and Install Ghost-CLI

  1. Open up the Terminal application on your mac and type in the following command:

     sudo npm install -g ghost-cli@latest
  2. Enter in the password you use for your Mac.

  3. Create the folder where you want to install Ghost.

  4. In Terminal, type in cd /path/to/ghostfolder or you can type cd and then a space, and then drag and drop the folder from finder into Terminal and press enter.

  5. Also in Terminal, type in:

    ghost install local
  6. This will install and start Ghost. You can now type in into your browser and you will see the ghost blog up and running!

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