How To Install Ghost on DigitalOcean

Below we are using a Digital Ocean referral link. These referral links do not cost you any extra money and just provide a small commission for providing them with a client. We do not recommend DigitalOcean because of this, but because we highly recommend them. We host our site on their platform. Please do not spend any money on DigitalOcean unless you feel that it is a good fit for hosting your Ghost blog.

Like we said above, we love DigitalOcean. Our site runs on their platform. They provide great service and flexibility. Here is how to install Ghost on DigitalOcean:

  1. Sign up at DigitalOcean and enter your credit card information or make a paypal payment.
  2. Click on Create -> Droplet.
  3. Click on One-Click Apps, then Ghost, and then the $10 size.
  4. digitalocean

  5. Select your region. Then name the droplet.
  6. Click Create.
  7. Once your Droplet is created, you will get an email from DigitalOcean with your IP address and password.
  8. Type the IP address into your browser and your Ghost blog is up and running!
  9. In order to access the server for your blog, you are going to need to ssh in. In order to do that, DigitalOcean emailed you the username and password. Open up either a Terminal or SSH application and use the following command:

    ssh root@[IP address in the email]

    Now you can setup your users and do any security or updates you need to do

Now that you have Ghost installed, lets head to the next section so we can create the first user!

Create First User