How to Install Ghost on Ghost(Pro)

Below we are using a referral link for Ghost(Pro). This referral link does not cost you any extra money and just provides a small commission for us providing them with a client. We do not recommend Ghost(Pro) because of this, but because we feel they are the best hosting option for most people. Please do not spend any money on Ghost(Pro) unless you feel that it is a good fit for hosting yourself and your Ghost blog.

Ghost(Pro) is our most recommended hosting platform. There are many benefits to hosting on Ghost(Pro), but probably the biggest one is that they do all the server work for you. That means no server maintenance, updating, security, anything. They do it all for you and you just have to write.

Another awesome benefit is that hosting here will actually go to support the project directly. Because Ghost is non-profit, all of the money made hosting goes directly back into the platform itself. So, by hosting here, you further the projects development, which is pretty cool. Now, lets get to the install:

  1. Head over to

  2. Fill in the information on the home page and then hit "Test it out"
    Install Ghost on GhostPro

  3. Rather than hitting "Get the code", hit "Test it out" again to setup the blog on the Ghost(Pro) hosting platform
    Install Ghost GhostPro

  4. Enter in the name of your blog and it will be created for you! You can now access your blog at the url you set up, or the admin by adding /ghost to the end of your url.

    Ghost Pro Final Step

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