How to Install Ghost on Host Duplex

You must have a domain, or purchase a new domain through Host Duplex or someone else to use Host Duplex
  1. Head over to and sign up HostDuplex 1

  2. Head to the Host Duplex Client Area HostDuplex 2

  3. Verify your account with the LiveChat that pops up HostDuplex 3

  4. Click on "Services" -> "My Services" HostDuplex 4

  5. Click on "Login to cPanel" HostDuplex 5

  6. Scroll down to the bottom and click on "Blogs" HostDuplex 6

  7. Click on "Ghost" HostDuplex 7

  8. Click on "Install" HostDuplex 8

  9. Click on "Install" HostDuplex 9

  10. Once it finishes, Ghost has now been successfully installed! If you need help pointing your domain at Host Duplex, we have instructions below. HostDuplex 10

Point Domain at Host Duplex

Host Duplex has some documentation on how to change your name server on many different platforms. Check out their Updating DNS Tutorials for a list of popular domain registrars. To direct your domain name to Host Duplex you will need to provide the two following name servers to your domain registrar: