How to Install Ghost on Koding

Note: Koding is for development only. Your instance will only live for 15 minutes after you log off. Do not use this for your production blog, but it is incredible for testing Ghost configurations or themes.

  1. Head over to the Koding website and sign up for an account.

  2. To get access to the Koding command line, on the top bar, click on the "+" next to "Your Apps" and click on "Terminal".

    Install Ghost Koding
    Install Ghost Koding
    Install Ghost Koding

3. Download and install Ghost:
cd /var/www/
sudo unzip -d ghost
cd ghost/
sudo npm install --production
  1. Edit the config file:
sudo cp config.example.js config.js
sudo vi config.js
  1. In the production section change:
host: '',
port: '2368'   


host: '',
port: '80'
  1. Save and Exit (:wq if you dont know the vi command)
  2. Stop Apache so Ghost can run on port 80
sudo service apache2 stop
  1. Start Ghost
sudo npm start --production
  1. Head to the URL that Koding provided you (for example and your Ghost blog will be up and running!

Install Ghost Koding