How to Install Ghost on Nodejitsu

Note: Redeploying Ghost to Nodefitsu would be destructive to your database and your images. Nodefitsu has worked around this issue by creating a wrapper called persistent-ghost which will preserve the Ghost content directory, where your database and images are stored. You can checkout more details for this tools on their Persistent Ghost Blogging Platform blog post.
  1. Signup at
  2. Go to your account settings
  3. Enter in your billing information then click on "Plans" and then "Individual"
  4. Sign up for the $9/mo or whatever plan you want.
  5. Now, on your server or local machine, install Node.js
    tar -zxvf node-latest.tar.gz
    cd [node-folder]/
    make install
  6. Install jitsu:
    sudo npm install jitsu -g
  7. Install Ghost:
    sudo mkdir -p /var/www
    cd /var/www
    jitsu install ghost
    cd ghost/
  8. Push to nodejitsu:
    sudo jitsu deploy
    [type in your username]
    [type in your password]
  9. This will output your url that Ghost is now running on!

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