How to Install Ghost on PogoApp

  1. Head over to and sign up.

  2. Click on Account Settings

  3. Click on "Update your card and billing details"

    Install Ghost PogoApp

  4. Enter in your credit card

  5. Click on "Upgrade" and upgrade to the $10 plan (or larger if you want)

    Install Ghost PogoApp

  6. Click on "My Apps"

  7. Click "Fork existing apps from the hub"

    Install Ghost PogoApp

  8. Find Ghost and click on "Fork this app"

    Install Ghost PogoApp

  9. Click on "Fork"

    Install Ghost PogoApp

  10. Click on the new "Admin" tab that showed up

  11. Here you will see your ghost url. Head to that url and your Ghost blog is up and running!

    Install Ghost PogoApp

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