How to Install Ghost on Rackspace

  1. Head over to Rackspace and sign up for Rackspace Cloud account

  2. Go ahead and log into your control panel

  3. You now have to wait for them to call you to verify your account. They say it usually takes less than 5 minutes, but you might be able to speed it up by chatting with them.

  4. Click on "Deployments"

  5. Put in your deployment name, and then scroll down in the list till you see Ghost

    Install Ghost Rackspace
    Install Ghost Rackspace

  6. Add in your Web Site Address

  7. Click "Next Step"

  8. Select your "Server Size" and then click "Create Deployment"

  9. Scroll down and click on your new Instance

    Install Ghost Rackspace

  10. Scroll down and grab the IP Address

    Install Ghost Rackspace

  11. Type that into your browser and your Ghost is up and running!

SSH Into Your Deployment

  1. Open up Terminal/Putty and ssh to your IP Address

     ssh root@ip_address
  2. Under the "Deployments" Tab, click on your deployment and then click on "View Generated Passwords" to show your deployment's passwords

  3. If you want to copy this stuff somewhere, you can. This is the only time you will be able to view it.

  4. The first password you see will be your root password, so go ahead and type that in. (if that doesn't work, open up that server on the web, and click on Actions -> Change Password)

  5. Now your In!

  6. Ghost lives in /var/www/

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