How To Install Ghost On ServerMule

  1. Head over to ServerMule to sign up and get started

  2. Click Pricing & Setup

    Install Ghost ServerMule

  3. Click Micro or "Build your own" (I would start with Micro and upgrade if needed)

    Install Ghost ServerMule

  4. Fill out server name and password and click Checkout. Note that the password used here will be the password for the root account in the operating system.

    Install Ghost ServerMule

  5. Fill out the Review & Checkout page with your customer information

  6. Click on link in Order Confirmation page to go to Client Area

    Install Ghost ServerMule

  7. Click on Manage Server

    Install Ghost ServerMule

  8. Once your Ghost instance is powered on you will see the power status as ON like the following screenshot

    Install Ghost ServerMule

  9. Using the IP address right below the power status you can connect to Ghost in your browser!

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