How to Install Ghost on Windows 8

Must have Installed: Python 2.7.5, Visual Studio Express 2012, Windows SDK

First make sure your Windows 8 operating system is up to date and everything above is installed. After it is installed reboot the machine.

Add Python to your path:

set PATH=%PATH%;C:Python27;C:Python27Scripts;

Install node.js:

Reboot the machine

Download the latest Ghost and unzip and put it in a folder

cd /path/to/Ghost/folder
npm install

Configure Ghost

Open up the config.example.js in Notepad or any other text editor and change the following:

host: '',
port: '2368'


host: 'your_ip_address',
port: '80'

Once you made those changes, save the file as config.js instead of config.example.js.

Start Ghost

Reboot the machine, and then do the following command:

npm start

In a browser, go to your_ip_address/ghost/ and your in!

Possible Errors:

 Need the Windows SDK

cannot open include file winsock2.h

 Python not recognized as an internal variable

Need Python installed or the Path was not set correctly above