How to Install Ghost on Windows Azure

If you don't have a Microsoft account sign up here:
Next to sign up for a Microsoft Azure account go here:
  1. Once signed in click on Portal in the upper right hand corner
  2. alt

  3. Click on New in the upper right hand corner and search for Ghost
  4. alt

  5. Select the Ghost that has a Publisher of Ghost
  6. alt

  7. Once selected, click Create in the lower right hand corner
  8. alt

  9. On this screen fill out the following:
    • App name - This will determine what URL your Ghost blog is available at. For example
    • App Service plan/Location - Select what Microsoft Azure datacenter your server will be created in and what size server will be created
    • Web app Settings - Fill in your email settings which will get applied to the Ghost config.js
  10. Click Create
  11. After a few minutes Ghost will be up. A Link will be provided that will take you to your Ghost blog.
  12. alt

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