How to Install Ghost on Windows XP, 7, 8

  1. Update your operating system by going to Control Panel -> System and Security -> Windows Update -> Check for updates.
  2. Go to and click on the Windows Installer to download the .msi installer. Once the download has completed, run the installer, selecting all of the defaults.
  3. Now go to, login, and click the blue Download Ghost Source pre button.
  4. In the location of your choice, create a folder called Ghost and expand the contents of the into it.
  5. Now open the Node.js Command Prompt, which can be found in your Start menu. There is a Node.js app and a Node.js Command Prompt. Make sure you open the Command Prompt.
  6. Change directories to the Ghost folder you created:
  7. cd [ path to where you have created the Ghost folder ]
  8. Now install Ghost:
  9. npm install --production

Configure Ghost

    ``` In this step, we are going to be making changes to the Ghost configuration file. If you just plan to host Ghost locally on your own computer and do not need to allow access from anywhere else, you can skip this step. If you are installing Ghost on a remote server or want to allow access beyond your personal computer, this step is necessary. ```
  1. Inside the Ghost folder, there is a file called config.example.js. Open this file in any text editor and change the following:
  2. url: '',


    host: '', port: '2368'


    url: '[your Ghost URL or IP]',


    host: '',  
    port: '80'

    Save this file as ‘config.js’ and exit the text editor.

  3. Now to start Ghost run:
  4. npm start --production
    After running the command, npm start --production, you should see an output that says “Ghost is running…”. This means that Ghost has started successfully and you can now browse to the Ghost website. If you installed Ghost locally and did not edit the config.js file, type the URL ‘’ into your browser, and you will see your Ghost blog. If you did edit your config.js file, head to the URL or IP address where Ghost is set up to run.

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