How to Publish a Static Page

A static page is a page that you want to separate from your normal post content. The most popular examples of a static page are a contact page and an about page. These pages you want to be static so they do not show up in your post feed.

When creating a static page, you create a new post, just like you would any other post. Once you have opened up the new post, there is a cog wheel icon next to where it says "Save Draft" or "Update Post" depending on if you have published the post or not. Click on that cog, and check the "Static Page" button. This will convert your post to a static page.

Ghost Static Page Ghost Static Page

If you have already made a post, and want to convert it to a static page, you can actually do this from the main content page without opening up the post itself. Just click on the post you want to convert, and then click on the cog icon in the top right corner. This will pop down a menu, check the "Static Page" box and it will be converted.
Ghost Static Page Ghost Static Page

Once you have made the static page, you can access it by heading to the url that the page is set to. If you are unsure what the url is, it tells you inside the same cog menu.

Now that you learned how to create a static page, head to the next section to learn what tags are and how to use them!

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