How To Use Screen To Start Ghost

Starting a Screen Session

Screen provides a very simple way to quickly get Ghost running in the background. With Ghost stopped cd to the Ghost directory and run screen npm start. The npm start command will be started in a new screen session. Once you see the message that Ghost has started use the keyboard shortcut control-d and then a to exit the screen session. At this point you are back to your non-screen command prompt and you can confirm Ghost is running by navigating to it in your browser.

Viewing list of Screen sessions

Once you have Ghost running in a screen session you will need to be able to retrieve that session. To view active sessions run screen -ls. This will output something similar to:

There is a screen on:
22870.pts-0.server (Detached)
1 Socket in /var/run/screen/S-root.

22870.pts-0.server is your screen session id. To retrieve that session run screen -r 22870.pts-0.server.

Once back in your Ghost session, if you press control-c to close the node processes it will automatically switch make to your normal non-screen command prompt.