Install SumoMe on Ghost

If you are looking to use the SumoMe tools on Ghost, here is how you can get it setup:

  1. Head to and either sign up or sign in.
  2. If you are new to SumoMe, you will already be on the page with the code you will need. If you are not, go to Account -> My Sites -> Add Site.
  3. Grab the little snippet of code that they provide for you
    sumome image 1
  4. Go to the admin section of your Ghost blog ( and click on "Code Injection"
  5. In the Header section of your Code Injection, paste in the code they gave you and hit "Save".
    sumome image 2
  6. Now if you refresh the home page of your blog, you will see the SumoMe bar and can now install or setup apps however you would like
    sumome image 3