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Company Name Price One Click Install Instructions Setup Time $10/mo Yes Yes Instant
DigitalOcean $5/mo Yes Yes Very Fast
Amazon Free First Year Yes Yes Fast
Host Ghost 6.5/mo Yes Yes Very Fast
Kite $5/mo Yes Yes Very Fast $5/mo Yes Yes Medium
CityCloud $20/mo Yes Yes Fast
PogoApp $10/mo Yes Yes Very Fast
Bitnami Free Yes Yes Fast
Koding Free No Yes Fast
Dreamhost $30/mo No Yes Slow
Godaddy $30/mo No Yes Very Slow
HostGator $30/mo No Yes Slow
Bluehost $30/mo No Yes Slow
Webfaction $9.50/mo Yes Yes Fast
Namecheap $17/mo No Yes Slow
1&1 $30/mo No Yes Slow
Linode $20/mo No Yes Slow
Windows Azure $15/mo No Yes Slow-Medium
Rackspace $16/mo No Yes Slow-Medium
Nodejitsu $9/mo No Yes Medium
A Small Orange $3/mo Yes Yes Fast
ServerMule $10/mo Yes Yes Fast Free No Yes Medium