Other Ghost Hosting Options

If you are looking to host Ghost somewhere that is not covered on this website, we have an entire website dedicated to installing Ghost on many different platforms. If you are looking for a specific platform, check out How to Install Ghost to see if we already have step-by-step guide created for you.

We have also compiled a list of many other hosting options for Ghost that we have gone through and tested ourselves. Here is that list of Ghost hosting.

We decided to just link to the list so we do not have to update both and have one fall behind. There are other places to host Ghost besides what is in that list, but those are the ones we have tested and know for sure work.

On Ghost for Beginners, we do cover how to install Ghost on our recommended hosting platforms, so check out that page if you are unsure where you want to host your Ghost blog.

Check out our next post on how to reset your password if you forgot it!

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