One-Click Ghost Install Script for Ubuntu and CentOS

Actual Command

SSH into your server, and run the following command:

wget -O - | sudo bash

This script sets up Ghost on port 80, so you can now browse to your servers IP address or URL and Ghost will be running! For more information about the script, read below.

Long Description

The Ghost install can be a little complicated, so we have created a one click process that will automatically install Ghost and all of its dependencies on CentOS or Ubuntu for you. It will even install Forever so that if Ghost crashes, it will start right back up again. We have also added a cron job that will start Ghost on start up. So you should never have a problem with Ghost running. We have placed this one click script on a public GitHub repository. So all you have to do now to install Ghost is execute the following command:

wget -O - | sudo bash

And then watch it run! Thats all you have to do. Your Ghost blog will then be up and running, all you have to do is go to a browser and enter either your IP address or domain name and you will be welcomed by Ghost. > Note: This script installs Ghost on port 80. If you have apache or something else running on that port, you will need to edit the Ghost configs to get it to work.