Places to Host Ghost for Free

If you are looking for a way to check out Ghost, but do not want to pay for hosting, there are some great options out there. Here they are:

Windows Azure

Free Forever - Install Instructions)

Windows Azure offers a free tier of some of their cloud applications. In the instructions, it walks you through how to set up your Linux VPS and then install Ghost. This is a great option as installing and updating is easy and you can host for free as long as they allow it.

Amazon EC2/Bitnami

Free First Year - Install Instructions)

Amazon offers a great and fast way to host Ghost! There is a Ghost AMI (Amazon Machine Image) that is listed on the instructions page that makes this install very easy. You just launch the image and your own Ghost blog is up and running. Amazon charges based on hours of use, so you can spin up or spin down as many instances as you want as long as you do not exceed 750 hours of server hosting hours a month. This makes for a great way to test out new configurations or plugins and just spin up a new Ghost instance if something gets messed up.


Free for 30 days - Install Instructions

Openshift is another option to host Ghost for free. The install is a little bit more complicated than amazon or azure, but still definitely a good choice.


Free forever - Install Instructions

Heroku is an extremely popular choice to host for free. The only problem with Heroku is how complicated the setup is. If you know your way around git and the command line though, this could be the way for you to go.

Your Own Computer

Mac, Ubuntu, CentOS, Raspberry PI, Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8 Instructions

Ghost is actually something you can setup yourself on your own home computer. If you want your Ghost install published to the public internet, then you will have to do some port forwarding on your router, but if you just want to check it out locally, you can easily get Ghost installed on your machine using the instructions above. If you use Ubuntu or CentOS, we actually have made an automatic install script to make the install just one command. Check it out here. Good luck and enjoy checking out Ghost without spending any money on web hosting!