How to Install Ghost on Host Duplex

You must have a domain, or purchase a new domain through Host Duplex or someone else to use Host Duplex Head over to and sign up Head to the Host Duplex Client Area Verify your account with the LiveChat that pops up Click on "Services" -> "My Services"… Read More

How To Install Ghost On ServerMule

Head over to ServerMule to sign up and get started Click Pricing & Setup Click Micro or "Build your own" (I would start with Micro and upgrade if needed) Fill out server name and password and click Checkout. Note that the password used here will be the password… Read More

How to Install Ghost on A2 Hosting

Head over to A2 Hosting and click on "Host Ghost" Select whether you want to buy a new domain, transfer one you already have, or just use an A2 Hosting subdomain Select your billing and server options. The basic server options should be enough for most people Finish… Read More

How to Install Ghost on Ghost(Pro)

Below we are using a referral link for Ghost(Pro). This referral link does not cost you any extra money and just provides a small commission for us providing them with a client. We do not recommend Ghost(Pro) because of this, but because we feel they are the best… Read More

How to Install Ghost on A Small Orange

Head over to and sign up. Their $35 a year shared hosting plan will work great. Click on "Sign Up" Either order a new domain name, transfer one or just select that you will point your domain name to A Small Orange. Hit "Continue"… Read More