30 Straight Days of New Content

Just over a week ago, we finished our 30 day challenge of having new content every day for the month of November. This challenge was brought on after many weeks of very little content being written across our network and new motivation after seeing a friend complete their writing challenge.… Read More

Ghost Slowly Chipping Away at Reasons to Not Switch to It

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Sunset at the Central Coast of California (Andy) When looking at the conversations around people who have just switched to Ghost, or are looking to switch, typically most people ask when specific new features will be added. It has always been this way, and probably will continue this way for… Read More

What to Expect in the Ghost 0.7 Release

Ghost 0.7 is in its final stages before being released. There is no exact date yet, but it will be in the coming weeks if not sooner. Since the release of Ghost 0.6.4 back in May, there have been 492 different commits (so far, will rise until… Read More

Ghost FAQ

####Where can I download the default Ghost theme? Casper, the default Ghost theme, can be downloaded from GitHub [here](https://github.com/TryGhost/Casper) When are new features coming out? For a quick overview of what features are being worked on, check out the Ghost roadmap. You can also read… Read More

How to Ghost Rebranding

Today we have just finished the process of re-branding all of our sites to be under a new entity, How to Ghost. Since the day we decided we wanted to create How to Install Ghost, we have been extremely focused on creating really good content. As we had more ideas… Read More